Professor Toni Erskine Awarded Funding from Google for Research on Artificial Intelligence

Lindsay Clark

Prof. Toni Erskine was recently awarded funding from Google to participate in an Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)-organised project on 'Democratizing AI'.  She met with other members of the project at Keio University in Tokyo in December 2017 to propose the paper that will constitute her contribution to the project.

Prof. Erskine is particularly interested in whether artificially intelligent entities (with a specific focus on sophisticated, lethal autonomous weapons) can conceivably qualify as bearers of moral responsibilities, or what she calls 'simulated moral agents', and, separately, whether the perception that they qualify as moral agents prompts the individual human agents who act alongside them to recalibrate their understandings of their own moral responsibilities.  She argues that answers to both questions have far-reaching consequences for assigning responsibilities and apportioning blame in war.  She will present the final version of her paper in Hong Kong in September 2018.