Stanley on Frontier conflict at PM&C


As part of its Reconciliation Week program, on 1 June staff in the Education and Youth Policy Branch of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet invited HASS historian Prof. Peter Stanley to talk to them on the question of how we think about and respond to Frontier Conflict as part of the reconciliation process. Peter, who has maintained a research interest in the representation of Frontier Conflict for nearly forty years, invited Wiradjuri man (and developing historian) Angus Murray to speak, so that the presentation included an Indigenous dimension. About forty PM&C staff participated in the session, which included informed and sensitive discussion over how Reconciliation might include recognition of conflict. Angus Murray, who has completed an MA at ANU in military history, is discussing the possibilities of future study at UNSW Canberra. The session highlighted how HASS historians can inform and support public servants working in such important areas of policy and program delivery.