UNSW Canberra hosts HDR symposium

UNSW Canberra hosts HDR symposium

Sixty-five students presented their work at the third annual UNSW Canberra Humanities and Social Sciences Postgraduate Symposium this month.

 The students from UNSW Canberra, UNSW Sydney, University of Canberra and Australian National University presented on a diverse range of topics including ethnic minority needs in Myanmar and disaster response operations.

 Humanities Professor Shirley Scott said the event aimed to provide a supportive environment for students and academics to interact with their peers.

 “This is the first year that we have included Honours students on the program, and we are particularly pleased to have their participation,” Professor Scott said.

 “Honours is the first step on the research pathway and this adds an important new dimension to the day.”

 The keynote address was delivered by ANU Associate Professor Bina D’Costa, an expert on displacement, global protection responses and human rights. She discussed the importance of being a compassionate academic.

 The presentations were delivered across 16 panels exploring key 21st century research areas including Regional Powers, Geopolitics and International Law; New Directions in Education; and Women, Empowerment and Development.

 Seven UNSW students – Philippa Louey, Ivana M.Devcic, Imogen D’Souza, Kade Newell, Anna Souvannalath, Matylda Brecz and Bagus Wahyu Hartono – won bursaries.

 Fourteen students, including six from UNSW Canberra received presentation awards:

Identity Switching: Proposing a new model of hedging from the South Pacific

Philippa Louey, UNSW Sydney

$100 for an essay: Detecting contract cheating in universities and the drivers affecting student misconduct

Zara Khan, UNSW Sydney

 Historically Coded Terms and Their Use in Analytic Philosophy

Edmund Handby, ANU

The emergence of menstrual hygiene management on global development agendas

Imogen D’Souza, UNSW Sydney

The Great War in our schools: The lag between research and education

Damien Zuccarini, UNSW Canberra

The Future of Academics in Public Office: A Lesson from Indonesia

Ario Wicaksono, University of Canberra

Youth, Peacebuilding, and Foreign Aid: A Review

Primitivo III C. Ragandang, ANU

The Language Divide in Investment: The case of Japanese FDI in Developing Asia

Andree Surianta, ANU

Crossing the categories of art and identities: the analysis of the problems of Aboriginal artistic classification in Australia

Irina Samsonova, ANU

“The Reception Crisis”: Global Securitisation of Forced Migration

Jessicah Mullins, UNSW Canberra

The roots of contemporary moral economy in rural Indonesia

Colum Graham, ANU

On Reading the Fourth World: Languaging in Indigenous Australian and Indian Poetry

Priyanka Shivadas, UNSW Canberra

The Weaponisation of E-Commerce

Ivana Troselj, UNSW Canberra

Enhancing Legitimacy through Co-design and Deliberative Engagements

Nicole Moore, University of Canberra