Our Strengths



We have a strong research focus and outstanding researchers with national and international profiles for their scholarly publications and contributions to public debate. Academic staff are keen competitors for research grants, and the School welcomes postgraduate research students (for Masters and Doctoral thesis projects) in areas where our staff have expertise.

The Areas of Research Strength and Standing in the school are:

The School, however, has particular strengths in the areas of defence-related history and policy, and relations with East and South East Asia. Historians in the School have published widely on twentieth century conflicts, including a multi-volume history of the Australian Department of Defence. Researchers in the International and Political Studies Program focus on political change in the Asia-Pacific region, Australian foreign relations, and defence policy. Indonesian staff focus on social and cultural change in Indonesia, and English scholars have developed a strong reputation in Australian literature, particularly in editing and bibliography.

Several journals are edited by School members:

Research Degrees   

We would be delighted to supervise suitably qualified candidates for research degrees within our areas of expertise. For further information go to:

The School is host to:

The Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society

Asia Pacific Seminar Series