Conflict and Society Research Group

Conflict and Society Research Group

The research strengths within UNSW Canberra, and especially the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, have long revolved around concepts such as ‘conflict’ and ‘society’. ‘Conflict’ expresses an interest in war and peace, and the shades and nuances of it, in social, political and military dimensions, including societal discord more broadly. ‘Society’ encompasses culture (in all senses) and both the military culture and its relationships to civil societies. In aggregate, one of the School’s traditional strengths is a broad, diverse but coherent focus on the investigation of what can be concisely described as ‘Conflict and Society’.

Within the broad constellation of approaches several interdisciplinary projects or ventures can be identified: the investigation of ‘Cold War Lives and Literature’ project, the prospective ‘Security in Colonial Australasia’ project, and the existing ‘Conflict and Society’ seminar series and the editing of the international scholarly journal War & Society. Further proposals, short- and long-term, will doubtless arise from the co-operation between participants in the Research Group.

These enterprises bring together the School’s staff, postgraduates and Visiting Fellows to pursue interdisciplinary research articulating key ideas within and beyond its community.

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Associate Professor David Lee

Convenor of the Conflict and Society Research Group
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
UNSW Canberra