Anzac and Aviator

Author(s): Michael Molkentin


The story of extraordinary Australian, Ross Smith, who rode to war at Gallipoli on horseback and by the end of the war, was one of the most highly awarded fighter pilots.

'He was courageous. He was ambitious. He was skilled. He was visionary. He could be ruthless. He was someone born of a new nation. But he was of a time now long past. And yet in the language of a later generation it could be said he had the "right stuff"… Michael Molkentin captures [Ross Smith] brilliantly.' - Andy Thomas, NASA Astronaut (Retired). To Read More Please Click

Published: 2019

Someone Else’s War: Fighting for the British Empire in World War I

Author(s): John Connor


"John Connor’s accessible and illuminating reinterpretation of World War I presents that conflict as a fundamentally imperial phenomenon. This was a war fought and ultimately won not only in France, Belgium and Palestine, but in East Africa and New Guinea; in the Indian and Pacific Ocean as well as the Dardanelles and the North Sea; and on the farms of the Canadian prairies, the cattle ranches of Argentina and the sheep stations of Australia, as surely in the munitions works of Britain. Someone Else’s War is a capacious global history of a crisis poorly understood if viewed through a Eurocentric lens.’ Frank Bongiorno, Professor of History, The Australian National University "

Published: 2018

America's Vietnam War and its French Connection

Author(s): Frank Cain


hat America was drawn into the Vietnam War by the French has been recognized, but rarely explored. This book analyzes the years from 1945 with the French military reconquest of Vietnam until 1963 with the execution of the French-endorsed dictator, Ngo Dinh Diem, demonstrating how the US should not have followed the French into Vietnam. It shows how the Korean War triggered the flow of American military hardware and finances to underpin France’s war against the Marxist-oriented Vietnam Republic led by Ho Chi Minh. For more details please click:

Published: 2016

Great White Fleet to Coral Sea : naval strategy and the development of Australian-United States relations, 1900-1945

Author(s): David Lee, Russell Parkin


On the 100th anniversary of the visit to Australia’s shores of the United States Atlantic Fleet, known as the ‘Great White Fleet’, the commemorative publication compiled by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Great White Fleet to Coral Sea: Naval Strategy and the Development of Australia–United States Relations, 1900–1945

Published: 2008