IERG Research Themes

Our particular expertise includes:

  • Justice in a Globalised World – including global distributive justice, immigration, climate change, gender and identity-politics, and encompassing different variations on cosmopolitanism as an approach to international politics.
  • The Ethics of International Security – including force and coercion short of war, terrorism and counter-terrorism, global and regional security governance, humanitarianism, the responsibility to protect (R2P), cyber security, and nuclear weapons.
  • The Ethics of War/Military Ethics – including justifications for war, just conduct in war, pacifism, conscientious objection, and ethical questions surrounding private military and security companies, new technologies of war, and intelligence collection.
  • Moral Responsibility and Formal Organizations – including in relation to states, multinational corporations, international financial institutions, and intergovernmental organizations, and in contexts such as environmental harm, human rights, financial crises, genocide prevention, and foreign aid.