Australia's Defence Force History

Academics at UNSW Canberra and especially its historians have made major contributions to researching and recording the history of the Australian Defence Force and its constituent services. UNSW Canberra, with its strong association with the ADF and its close working relationships with defence historical agencies, is uniquely placed to work with and for the ADF in this way. HASS historians, notably Prof. Jeff Grey and Prof. Peter Dennis, produced the Centenary History of Defence in 2001, and many HASS post-graduates have been members of the ADF or have investigated defence topics in history or international and political studies. Researchers in HASS and ACSACS include our Air Force Fellows, members of the Naval Studies and Special Forces Studies Groups, Prof. Tom Frame (who has published on the UNSW’s 50-year relationship with the ADF) and Prof. Peter Stanley, who is General Editor of the Army History Series.