The film begins and ends with an East Timorese character. The first words spoken are in Tetum, and the first name heard is an East Timorese name ("Mazarella"). The interviewee, Juliana da Costa, is a composite character derived from the extensive work of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation (CAVR).

The CAVR's truth-seeking program aimed to document human rights violations committed by all parties to the political conflicts between April 1974 and October 1999. The CAVR collected 7,824 statements from the 13 districts and 65 sub-districts of East Timor.

According to Part 1 of the CAVR's Final Report:

"Deponents gave their statements in narrative form. Thus they were able to tell their stories in their own words rather than be guided by a series of questions. This method was chosen because it encouraged deponents to provide a richness of detail and background information about violations and the circumstances surrounding them. This procedure also tended to be less intimidating for those unaccustomed to being questioned in official settings...

The statement-taking program allowed any individual who wished to do so to approach the Commission and to report information relating to the political conflict. The expectation was that by throwing such a wide information net across the districts, a significant amount of information about all aspects of the 25 years of political conflict would become available. Analysis would then allow a clear picture of what had occurred to emerge. This broad, untargeted approach meant that information was received about all aspects of the political conflict, including events or circumstances that had not been previously widely known..."

The CAVR's Final Report was written by national and international staff working under the direction and supervision of the CAVR's seven East Timorese commissioners. Technical assistance was provided by experts in statistics, human rights law and other specialized areas. The Final Report is known as 'Chega!', which is Portuguese for "no more, stop, enough".