Journos around a table


This scene from the movie reenacts an image from footage shot by a Portuguese TV crew led by Portuguese journalist Adelino Gomes. The film, shot on the afternoon of 15th October 1975, shows four of the five journalists: Greg Shackleton (back to camera), Gary Cunningham (facing the camera), Brian Peters (wearing a floppy hat on the left) and Tony Stewart (on the right). A Fretilin soldier is walking by on the right. The movie adds the fifth journalist, Malcolm Rennie (in a blue shirt, standing on the left).

For the record, the Balibo Five are:

  • Greg Shackleton, aged 28 (played by Damon Gameau)
  • Gary Cunningham, aged 27 (played by Gyton Grantley)
  • Tony Stewart, aged 21 (played by Mark Winter)
  • Brian Peters, aged 26 (played Thomas Wright)
  • Malcolm Rennie, aged 29 (played by Nathan Phillips)