In this scene, the man in the cap is Captain Yunus Yosfiah of the Indonesian special forces (Kopassandha, today known as Kopassus). His dress in the film is based on his actual clothing from that time. At Balibo, Yunus Yosfiah and his team wore civilian clothing, usually jeans. Photos from that time show Colonel Dading Kalbuadi (cowboy hat) talking to Yunus Yosfiah.

There were three special forces teams, each given women's names - Team Susi, Team Tuti and Team Umi. The force that attacked Balibo comprised Team Susi and regular troops in a company known as Rajawali Company B. Yosfiah commanded Team Susi. Lieutenant Kiribiantoro commanded Rajawali Company B. An eyewitness identified Yunus Yosfiah from a photograph projected on screen at the coronial inquest.

The Coroner found that the journalists could not have been and were not mistaken for combatants. They clearly identified themselves as Australians and as journalists. They were unarmed and dressed in civilian clothes. They all had their hands raised in the universally recognised gesture of surrender. They were killed in a matter of minutes.

According to an eyewitness, the dead journalists were stripped and then dressed in Portuguese army uniforms. Guns were placed beside the bodies and photographs were taken in an attempt to portray them as legitimate targets. The bodies were then burnt.

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