Military history and genocide studies

UNSW Canberra Academics Involved: 
Dr Debbie Lackerstein

Having taught on the Second World War for more than 20 years and Australia’s longest sustained university course on genocide (since 2001), Dr Debbie Lackerstein is a respected expert on war and genocide. Her research focus areas also include French history, especially Vichy France, collaboration and resistance. 

In order to influence the influencers, Lackerstein has delivered lectures to guides at the Australian War Memorial, who are responsible for passing on reliable historical information to tens of thousands of visitors each year. 

She has also run several lectures for the University of the Third Age, and collaborated with a production company that specialises in historical documentaries. “They’re producing a documentary that brings together both genocide and the Second World War, so I did a long interview with them last year,” she says.  

Lackerstein has been interviewed on the radio, particularly around the topic of recent French elections, and has published a book called National Regeneration in Vichy France.  

Lackerstein has also had a long-term association with the Sydney Jewish Museum, where she takes students and has given public talks to guides, second-generation survivors and educators.