IERG Seminar Series


The IERG Seminar Series brings together UNSW Canberra research community and presents projects on a range of topics in international ethics and politics.

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Island Heterotopias

Dr. Umut Ozguc, Post-doctoral Research Fellow.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

UNSW, Canberra 

3 May 2019, 10 am -11 am (21-SL3)


Challenges to the Normative Structure of Global Governance: UN Reform as a Site of Contestation

Dr. Cecilia Jacob, Senior Lecturer, Department of International Relations,

Coral Bell School of Asia and the Pacific, ANU

7 June 2019, 10am-11am (29-106)


Contemporary Diplomacy: Some Ethical Issues

Professor Mervyn Frost

Distinguished Professorial Visiting Fellow in International Ethics,

UNSW Canberra & Professor of International Relations, Department of War Studies,

King's College, London

5 August 2019, 12-1 pm (29-106)


Nihilist Non-State Actors and the United Nations

Asima Rabbani, PhD Candidate, School of Humanities and Social Sciences,

UNSW Canberra

19 August 2019, 12-1 (29-106)


Military Abolitionism

Dr Ned Dobos, Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Sciences,

UNSW Canberra 

16 September 2019, 12-1 (29-106)


Remembering the Drone Wars? High Technology Warfare and the Trauma Lacuna

Dr Bianca Baggiarini, Senior Lecturer, Values in Defence & Security Technology

The University of New South Wales, Canberra

11 November 2019, 12-1 pm (29-106)