Companion to East Timor - Robert Domm's interview with Xanana Gusmao

Robert Domm's interview with Xanana Gusmao

On 27 September 1990, the Australian lawyer and solidarity activist Robert Domm visited East Timor and conducted an interview with Xanana Gusmao himself. This was no stroke of luck. It was instead a well-coordinated operation involving Australian solidarity activists, the clandestine resistance in the towns, Renetil and Falintil. Domm's connection to East Timor predated the Indonesian invasion – he had been a merchant seaman who visited Dili often in the early 1970s. His interview was the first occasion that any outsider had contacted members of the armed resistance since the loss of the illegal radio more than a decade before. It was a significant publicity coup for the independence campaign, shattering once and for all the Indonesian claim that the resistance had no support among the East Timorese population.