Cherenkov Telescope Array Australia: Consortium Workshop 5


UNSW Canberra, Building 30, Lecture Theatre 3

9.00am to 3.45pm

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a transformational next step in ground-based TeV (10^12 eV) gamma-ray astronomy. It will utilize an array of about 100 imaging Cherenkov telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere located at Paranal, Chile, to detect the highest energy cosmic gamma-rays. Another 20 telescopes will be in the Northern Hemisphere at La Palma, Canary Islands 

The CTA will be at least 10 times more sensitive than current instruments and cover a wider energy range from billions to trillions the energy of visible light. The CTA is now in its pre-production phase (with the first 10 or so telescopes) to commence construction by end of 2018. 

A consortium of six Australian universities (University of Adelaide, UNSW, University of Sydney, University of Western Sydney, ANU, Monash University) joined the CTA in July 2013.

This 2 day workshop follows on from our previous workshops (in 20132015Apr. 2016Sept. 2016Apr. 2017) and will discuss Australia's role in CTA and linkages with Australian activities in other areas of astronomy.