Large scale computations in number theory and cryptography


P25 (Room G02/03 in PEMS South Bldg 26)

4.00pm to 5.00pm

Dr Maike Massierer from UNSW Sydney specialises in computational mathematics and cryptography. She will be visiting UNSW Canberra to present a seminar:

When we think of areas of mathematics that involve large scale computations, the more obvious topics are "applied", such as numerical analysis, mathematical modelling, or statistics. However, computations can also be extremely useful in fields traditionally perceived as "pure", such as algebra and number theory.

In this talk, I will present three topics in number theory and cryptography that involve heavy computations in an HPC (high performance computing) environment:

                1. Computing the zeta function of curves. This helps in studying the famous Sato-Tate conjecture.
                2. Computing curves with complex multiplication. This helps in designing good cryptosystems.
                3. Computing discrete logarithms. This helps in studying the security of certain cryptosystems.

I will attempt to explain these problems in a colloquium style talk, assuming only a basic algebra background.

Afternoon tea will be served at 3:30pm.

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