Dr Alec Thornton

Senior Lecturer


Room 312 PEMS North (Bldg 22) School of Science, UNSW Canberra, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC ACT 2610, AUSTRALIA


Dr Alec Thornton is a Senior Lecturer in Geography in the School of Science at UNSW Canberra.

He is Academic Co-Lead for Africa, with the Institute for Global Development (IGD) at UNSW Sydney: http://www.international.unsw.edu.au/institute_global_development.

Alec is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Humanities and the School of Tourism at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

For Future Research Students: Ph.D. scholarships ($35,000 per year) are available for high achieving students (with H1 /High Distinction in UG and/or Masters by Research) in Human Geography, Development Studies or Rural Sociology under my supervision. If you are interested contact me at a.thornton@unsw.edu.au 

Alec's research interests take a critical theory approach to issues in sustainable urban and rural development. He has a PhD in Development Studies (2007) from the University of Sussex, UK. He is currently involved in several research projects concerning sustainable urban and rural development. Specifically, these projects include exploring the role of ‘good urban governance’ (city-community partnerships) as the key for urban agriculture to gain credibility among policymakers, and make a positive impact on social cohesion and urban food policy. In rural development, my focus is capacity building for smallholders to strengthen the rural sector (food production and markets). In terms of international relevance in the field of Development Studies, Dr Thornton's research in urban and rural agriculture closely align with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization's (FAO) four-dimensions of food security, and also multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

He frequently collaborates with geographers, sociologists and economists from South Africa, Sierra Leone, Zambia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. He is Research Associate at the School of Tourism at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa). He was Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Geography, Archaeology and Earth Sciences (GAES) at the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa). Alec was vice president (2010-2017) of The African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP). Alec is co-editor of the Australasian Review of African Studies (ARAS), and editorial board member for Urban Forum (2009-present) and Applied Geography (2009-2015).


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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Thornton AC, 2008, 'Mixing methods and methodologies in urban agriculture research: a case study of South Africa', in Southern Perspectives on Development: Dialogue or Division? Proceedings of the Fifth Biennial Conference of the Aotearoa / New Zealand International Development Studies Network (DevNet), University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, 01 January 2008

Conference Presentations

Thornton AC, 2009, 'Institutional capacity building for urban agriculture in Southern Africa', presented at 3rd European Conference on African Studies (ECAS), Leipzig, Germany, 04 June 2009 - 07 June 2009

Thornton AC, 2008, 'The church and development in Samoa', presented at New Zealand Geographical Society 24th Conference 2008, University of Victoria, Wellington, 02 July 2008 - 05 July 2008

Thornton AC, 2008, 'Kinship & Church Obligations and the Emergence of Landlessness in Samoa', presented at 31st International Geographical Congress, Tunis, Tunisia, 12 August 2008 - 15 August 2008

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