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Room 331 PEMS North (Bldg 22) School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC ACT 2610, AUSTRALIA


Dr David Paull

Honorary Senior Lecturer

MA Adel., PhD UNSW

Dr David Paull is a Senior Lecturer in Geography in the School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences (PEMS). His research interests range from Biogeography, Wildlife Ecology and Geomorphology through to Remote Sensing and GIS.

Dr Paull has taught Conservation Biogeography, Geographic Information Analysis, Applications in GIS and RS, Global Environmental ChangeGeographies of Contemporary Australia, Ecological Systems, Resource ManagementIntroduction to Digital Image Processing, and Geography Honours. He currently teaches Geography 1A and Ecological Biogeography.

He is actively involved in research on threatened species with a particular focus on medium-sized ground-dwelling mammals.

  • Monitoring the response of critical weight range mammal populations to feral predator control (David Paull, Andrew Claridge)

Other current and recent research projects include monitoring environmental impacts and geomorphic processes using remote-sensing and GIS.

  • DAMASCAS: Defence Automated Monitoring And Survey using Cameras And Sound. Defence Support Group (Dustin Welbourne, David Paull, Andrew Claridge, Fred Ford)
  • Development of sustainability monitoring of the Cultana Defence Training Area with remote sensing (Xiuping Jia, David Paull, Xiao Wang)
  • Stream-bank erosion in Kosciuszko National Park: Measuring and monitoring the trampling impacts of feral horses (David Paull)
  • Real-time structure-from-motion for environmental monitoring of defence lands using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (Matthew Garratt, David Paull, Xiuping Jia, Andrew Lambert)

Dr Paull has supervised many outstanding Higher Degree Research students.

  • Md Ashraful Islam ‘Himel’ (PhD, UNSW, 2017-). Assessing contemporary community disaster resilience in a coastal region of Bangladesh.
  • Sanzida Murshed (MSc, UNSW, 2017-). An appraisal of risk management capacity at the local level for climate change-induced natural disasters: A case study from the coastal area of Bangladesh.
  • Yiqing Guo (PhD, UNSW, 2015-). Synergy of satellite optical and SAR multitemporal data for rice mapping.
  • Van Anh Le (PhD, UNSW, 2015-). Estimating tropical forest above-ground biomass at the local scale using multi-source space-borne remote sensing data: A case study of Daklak Province, Vietnam.
  • Dyah Retno Panuju (PhD, UNSW, 2015-). Trajectory analysis of land cover change in tropical forest fringes by using seasonal time series analysis of remote sensing indices.
  • Bambang Hendro Trisasongko (PhD, UNSW, 2015-). Site quality estimation for rubber plantations based on synthetic aperture radar data
  • Zhixin Cheng (MPhil, UNSW 2014-2015). Application of the geostationary ocean color imager (GOCI) to mapping the seasonal and diurnal variability of surface suspended matter in a macro-tidal estuary.
  • Dustin Welbourne (PhD, UNSW, 2012-2016). On camera trapping squamates.
  • Steve Hobbs (PhD, UNSW, 2014) The formation and evolution of gullies on Mars and Earth: A complex interplay between multiple agent processes.
  • Jeffery Thompson (PhD, UNSW, 2013) A remote sensing exploration of land surface phenology in the Australian Alps.
  • Haijing Shi (PhD, UNSW, 2013) Thermal properties of alpine boulder field habitats: The potential to provide refuge for the endangered mountain pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus).
  • Jasmin Packer (PhD, Adel, 2013) Invasive alien plants increase richness and persistence of native mammals in novel ecosystems.
  • Vijai Joseph (PhD, UNSW, 2012) Vulnerability to sea level rise of coastal communities in central Java: Developing a systems approach and perspective.
  • Wen Wu (PhD, UNSW, 2012) Evaluating the Australian Defence Force Environmental Management System: A case study of Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland.
  • Jin Cui (MSc, UNSW, 2011) Classifying urban green space distribution: Analyzing spatial relationships in human and nature interactions by integrating remote sensing and socioeconomic data.
  • Dylan Horne (PhD, UNSW, 2011) The development of the Princess Charlotte Bay chenier plain.
  • Dustin Welbourne (BSc Hons, UNSW, 2011) Australia's susceptibility to establishment by non-indigenous reptile species: a predictive modelling approach.
  • Takeshi Kawakami (PhD, UNSW, 2008) Systematics, phylogeography, and speciation of the morabine grasshopper (genusVandiemenella) in south-eastern Australia.
  • Bambang Trisasongko (MSc, UNSW, 2008) Monitoring a mine-influenced environment in Indonesia through radar polarimetry.
  • James Dawson (MSc, UNSW, 2005) Impact of wildfire on the spotted-tailed quoll Dasyurus maculatus in Kosciuszko National Park.
  • Michael Rees (PhD, UNSW, 2004) A multi-scale assessment of the distribution, habitat and conservation requirements of the yellow-bellied glider (Petaurus australis).
  • Tim Robinson (BSc Hons, UNSW, 2004) Assessing the role of off-park habitat in the conservation of the Glossy Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhyncus lathami).
  • Phil Parkes (BSc Hons, UNSW, 2003) The application of Geographic Information Systems for locating wind energy sites for defence establishments in south-eastern New South Wales.
  • Lisa Bush (BSc Hons, UNSW, 2001) Time, space and causality: Gully erosion in Milburn Creek catchment, central western NSW.
  • James Watson (BSc Hons, UNSW, 1999) Some patchy principles: An assessment of the focal species approach for woodland avifauna within the northern ACT and surrounding areas of NSW.
  • Kristin Devlin (BSc Hons, UNSW, 1999) Conserving native fauna in urban reserves: A spatial analysis of small mammal habitat using GIS.
  • Michael Rees (BSc Hons, UNSW, 1997) Habitat suitability mapping for the southern brown bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus) in south-western Victoria.
  • Philippa Chapman (BSc Hons, ANU, 1995) Mycophagous mammals of Ben Boyd National Park: Distribution and abundance of diggings.
  • Roger Grose (BSc Hons, UNSW, 1994) The distribution of reptiles in the ACT: A GIS approach.

Recent Grants

  • Paull, D. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Measure and Monitor Streambank Impacts of Wild Horses in the Australian Alps. Australian Alps Liaison Committee, Cooperative Management Program 2016-2018: $54,000*
  • Garratt, M.A., Paull, D., Jia, X., and Lambert, A.J. Real-time structure-from-motion for environmental monitoring of defence lands using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). UNSW Canberra Defence-related Research Funding Scheme, 2014: $18,000.
  • Paull, D.J. Stream-bank erosion in Kosciuszko National Park: Measuring and monitoring the trampling impacts of feral horses. UNSW Canberra Special Research Grant, 2013: $6,800.
  • Jia, X., Wang, X.H. and Paull, D.J. Development of sustainability monitoring of the Cultana Defence Training Area with remote sensing. UNSW Canberra Defence-related Research Funding Scheme, 2012: $17,915.
  • Paull, D. DAMASCAS: Defence Automated Monitoring And Survey using Cameras And Sound. Defence Support Group, 2012: $75,000.


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Journal articles

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