Dr Tatsuhiro Murakami

Postdoctoral Fellow
+61 2 6268 8764


G36 PEMS South (Bldg 26) School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC ACT 2610, AUSTRALIA


Journal articles

Murakami T; Frankcombe TJ, 2018, 'Accurate quantum molecular dynamics for multidimensional systems by the basis expansion leaping multi-configuration Gaussian (BEL MCG) method', Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 149, 10.1063/1.5046643

Schmidt JA; Kyte M; Østerstrøm FF; Joelsson LMT; Knap HC; Jørgensen S; Nielsen OJ; Murakami T; Johnson MS, 2017, 'On adduct formation and reactivity in the OCS + OH reaction: A combined theoretical and experimental study', Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 675, pp. 111 - 117, 10.1016/j.cplett.2017.03.005

Murakami T; Ohta A; Suzuki T; Ikeda K; Danielache SO; Nanbu S, 2015, 'Theoretical study of ultraviolet induced photodissociation dynamics of sulfuric acid', Chemical Physics, vol. 452, pp. 17 - 24, 10.1016/j.chemphys.2015.01.009

Murakami T; Nakazono M; Kondorskiy A; Ishida T; Nanbu S, 2012, 'Photochemical dynamics of indolylmaleimide derivatives', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 14, pp. 11546 - 11546, 10.1039/c2cp41269a

Nakazono M; Jinguji A; Nanbu S; Kuwano R; Zheng Z; Saita K; Oshikawa Y; Mikuni Y; Murakami T; Zhao Y, 2010, 'Fluorescence and chemiluminescence properties of indolylmaleimides: experimental and theoretical studies', Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol. 12, pp. 9783 - 9783, 10.1039/c003021j