A non-representational encounter with Katharina Grosse’s abstract landscapes of sensation


P25 (Room G02/03 in PEMS South Bldg 26)

11.00am to 11.30am

Honours student Eugenia Carlota De La Herran Iriarte presents her research on the artworks of Katharina Grosse.

Inspired by Grosse’s explosive use of colour, Carlota’s project advances a non-representational encounter with Grosse's artworks. Staging a dialogue between the conceptual framework of Gilles Deleuze and Grosse’s abstract-landscapes of sensation, Carlota’s project seeks to foreground colour in its materiality and the immediacy of its sensation.

In doing so, Carlota wishes to explore the fundamental implications that engaging with the visual arts beyond representation might have. With these implications, her aim is not only to address geography and the social sciences, but to also contribute to and push the boundaries of debates that might concern society more broadly.

Image credit: Image is the speaker's own.