Mr Mojtaba Taseidifar

PhD Student


Room 301 PEMS North (Bldg 22) School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC ACT 2610, AUSTRALIA


Field of Study: Chemistry

Primary Supervisor: Prof Ric Pashley
Secondary Supervisor: Assoc Prof Cliff Woodward

Research Topic: Development of novel techniques in polymer coating for filtration applications

Journal articles

Taseidifar M; Ziaee M; Pashley RM; Ninham BW, 2019, 'Ion flotation removal of a range of contaminant ions from drinking water', Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, vol. 7,

Taseidifar M; Shahid M; Pashley RM, 2018, 'A study of the bubble column evaporator method for improved thermal desalination', Desalination, vol. 432, pp. 97 - 103,

Nikafshar S; Zabihi O; Ahmadi M; Mirmohseni A; Taseidifar M; Naebe M, 2017, 'The effects of UV light on the chemical and mechanical properties of a transparent epoxy-diamine system in the presence of an organic UV absorber', Materials, vol. 10,

Taseidifar M; Makavipour F; Pashley RM; Rahman AFMM, 2017, 'Removal of heavy metal ions from water using ion flotation', Environmental Technology and Innovation, vol. 8, pp. 182 - 190,

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Taseidifar M; Khataee A; Vahid B; Khorram S; Joo SW, 2015, 'Production of nanocatalyst from natural magnetite by glow discharge plasma for enhanced catalytic ozonation of an oxazine dye in aqueous solution', Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, vol. 404-405, pp. 218 - 226,

Khataee A; Taseidifar M; Khorram S; Sheydaei M; Joo SW, 2015, 'Preparation of nanostructured magnetite with plasma for degradation of a cationic textile dye by the heterogeneous Fenton process', Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, vol. 53, pp. 132 - 139,