Mr Sebastien Lahaye


Sebastien is a Research Associate working jointly for UNSW and New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

He has been a Fire Officer in France since 1997. His experience is in Bushfire fighting strategies, fire behaviour, prescribed burnings and command team management.

In 2012, Sebastien started a PhD at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris, in ecology and biodiversity while pursuing his activities in the Bouches-du-Rhone Fire Service (Marseille). His topic was to investigate large fire behaviour in Europe.

In January 2017, he left his position in France for a one-year project in UNSW Canberra.

He is working on operational implications of dynamic fire propagation.

His advisor is Associate Professor Jason Sharples

Book Chapters

Viegas DX, 2014, 'Classification of large wildfires in South-Eastern France to adapt suppression strategies', in Viegas DX (ed.), ADVANCES IN FOREST FIRE RESEARCH, UNIV COIMBRA, pp. 696 - 708,

Journal articles

Lahaye S; Curt T; Fréjaville T; Sharples J; Paradis L; Hély C, 2018, 'What are the drivers of dangerous fires in Mediterranean France?', International Journal of Wildland Fire, vol. 27, pp. 155 - 163,

Lahaye S; Sharples J; Matthews S; Heemstra S; Price O; Badlan R, 2018, 'How do weather and terrain contribute to firefighter entrapments in Australia?', International Journal of Wildland Fire, vol. 27, pp. 85 - 98,

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