SARCCM student projects

Current student projects:

  • Fatemeh Ziaeyan Bahri, PhD - Research Topic - Correlation between east Australian current and sea level rise along the east coast of Australia.Zhixin Cheng, MPhil - Research Topic - Hydrodynamic study of sediment transport patterns in estuary and coastal area: Case study on Yalu River Estuary.
  • Zhixin Cheng,  PhD – Modelling sediment dynamics in Darwin Harbour under the Australian monsoon
  • Bo Dong, PhD - Research Topic - Analysis of the drivers and impacts of governments’ biofuel research investment policy: A comparison between Australia and China.
  • Guandong Gao, PhD - Research Topic - Land reclamation and its impact on hydrodynamics and sediment transport in Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, China.
  • Wenyun Guo, (ECNU Joint Training PhD student) - Research Topic - Numerical study of sediment dynamics in Shanghai Port.
  • Maozeng Jiang, PhD - Research Topic - Legal and cultural frameworks for risk management in Antarctic and Subantartic areas: What informs Australia's and China's positions and activities in relation to environmental protection.
  • Zhibing Li, PhD - Research Topic - Modelling sediment transport in Port of Abbot Point and its adjacent Great Barrier Reef waters.
  • Saiful Marbun, MPhil Student - Research Topic - Impacts of marine and fisheries industrialisation and the Blue Economy Policy in Indonesia on the local communities and the environment in Indonesia.
  • Amanda Putri, PhD - Research Topic - Water pollution in Jakarta Bay and the impacts on environmental degradation and social-economic aspects of local fishers.
  • Ziyu Xiao, (Amanda) PhD - Research Topic - Modelling hydrodynamics and sediment transport in Sydney Harbour.
  • Haifeng Zhang, PhD - Research Topic - Investigating sea surface temperature diurnal variation over the tropical warm pool suing MTSAT-1R.
  • Yuan Yuan, PhD - Dynamics response to human interventions in a small embayment: thermohaline circulation, waves and sea ice formation
  • Senyang Xie, PhD – Remote sensing of the East Australian Current variability
  • Yuanchi Xiao, MPhi -- Using eReefs data to analyze sediment transport dynamics in the Burdekin River Estuary in the GBR region
  • Md Wasif E Elahi, PhD - Estuarine circulation and sediment transport during cyclone induced storm surge in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta
  • Gang Yang, MPhil --Research on the Sediment Transport Patterns in the Area of Wei Fang Harbor using the Satellite Remote Sensing Method

Recent research students:

  • Junru Guo, (CSC Joint Training PhD student) Research Topic - Ecosystem modelling of Bohai Sea, China.
  • Weijiao Song, (1+4 Program, OUC funded practicum HDR) - Research Topic - Tidal power plant in Shandong, China. Cross-faculty collaboration with PEMS (UNSW Canberra) and Law (Faculty of Law, UNSW).
  • Xi Zhang, (1+4 Program, OUC funded practicum HDR) - Research Topic - Remote sensing of the turbidity maxima in the Yellow Sea, China. Cross-school collaboration with PEMS, SEIT and Geoscience Australia.

Potential PhD topics/projects

If you require any further information, are interested in collaborative research with members of the group, or looking at a potential PhD or Research Masters topic then please contact A/Prof. Xiao Hua Wang, Director of SARCCM -

Recent submissions by research students:

  • Donghui Jiang, PhD- Research Topic - An operational circulation and ecology forecast system for Jervis Bay, NSW.

Recent graduate students:

  • Chen, S., 2015, The legal and regulatory framework for integrated coastal zone management: A comparison between Australia and China, July 2015, PhD. Available from:
  •  Li, Li, 2013, Modelling the tidal and sediment dynamics in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia, PhD thesis. Available online:
  • Song, Dehai 2013, A skewness-based analysis and numerical simulations on tidal asymmetries, dynamics, and suspended sediment transport, PhD thesis. Available online:
  • Meng, Zhaosu 2012, Impact of El Nino-Southern Oscillation on rice production in China, PhD thesis. Available online:
  • Wu, Wen 2012, Evaluating the Australian Defence Force environmental management system: A case study of Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland, PhD thesis. Available online:
  • Zhang, Fan 2012, Benefits of regional ocean and weather forecast systems: Evidence from the Australian East Coast, PhD thesis. Available online:
  • Bhatt,Vihang 2010, Modelling dynamics of the East Australian Current and the subtropical mode water off east coast of Australia, PhD thesis. Available online: