South Vietnamese Soldiers Memories of the Vietnam War and After


Building 32, Lecture Theatre North Block
UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Northcott Drive, Campbell ACT


Book launch in conversation with Associate Professor Nathalie Nguyen

South Vietnam lost more than a quarter of a million soldiers in the Vietnam War, yet the histories of these men--and women--are largely absent from the vast historiography of the conflict. By focusing on oral histories related by 40 veterans from the former Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces, this book breaks new ground, shedding light on an essentially unexplored aspect of the war and giving voice to those who have been voiceless. The experiences of these former soldiers are examined through detailed firsthand accounts that feature two generations and all branches of the service including the Women's Armed Forces Corps. Readers will gain insights into the soldiers' early lives, their military service, combat experiences, and friendships forged in wartime. They will also see how life became worse for most in the aftermath of the war as they experienced internment in communist prison camps, discrimination against their families on political grounds, and the dangers inherent in escaping Vietnam, whether by sea or land. Finally, readers will learn how veterans who saw no choice but to leave their homeland succeeded in rebuilding their lives in new countries and cultures.

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