About UNSW Canberra Space Research

UNSW Canberra Space Vision and Strategic Direction

Vision Statement

To be the leading institution in space research, education and thinking in Australia, and beyond. To provide strategic vision and leadership, underpinned by world-class research and education.

Space Research

UNSW Canberra is leading innovative Australian research in space, with a capability to now routinely conceptualise, develop, and fly affordable, responsible, in-orbit missions.

Our in-orbit missions enable the development of innovative new technologies for spacecraft, including distributed, networked experiments and sensors across formations, swarms and assemblies of cubesats.

The UNSW Canberra Space capability performs high impact science and technology development that will in turn make a significant contribution to meeting Australia’s (and the international community's) need for safe and secure access to space-based technologies for strategic, economic and social benefit.

Space Thinking

UNSW Canberra Space plays a leading role in shaping Australia's evolving conversation and thinking about space.

The nation is currently experiencing a space awakening. UNSW Canberra's investment in space occurs at a time in which Australia's direction in space is beginning to crystallise, capabilities are beginning to emerge, and government policy is taking shape. UNSW Canberra Space builds on the credibility of world-class research and education, offering strategic vision and thought leadership for the Australian space community.

We achieve this through: participation in and leadership of relevant national committees and professional associations; establishing space conversations, with expertise across multiple disciplines invited to engage in strategic think-tanking; investment in major domestic and international space conferences; engagement with government - to promote sensible Australian space technology development, and to help address and improve existing regulatory frameworks such as the Space Activities Act; and encouraging and enabling international dialogue in which Australia can provide leadership.

Space Education

Space systems are complex. The challenge for professionals involved in defining, acquiring, operating and/or utilising space systems is to step away from ongoing demands and duties and obtain the relevant up-skilling. UNSW Canberra offers two specialised Masters programs, available via both distance education and intensive delivery modes. These are the Master of Space Engineering and the Master of Space Operations.

Both programs make extensive use of real-life case studies from the experiences of UNSW Canberra and guest lecturers. This includes more than 20 international space missions. Both are informed by UNSW Canberra Space efforts.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to tailor intensive short courses for your organisation's needs, extracting and delivering key content from the Masters programs, and from our experience and approach to developing and operating cubesat-based in-orbit SRT missions.