Falcon Telescope

UNSW Canberra: Node of the Falcon Telescope Network (FTN)

The FTN is a research network of 0.5m f8.1 semi-autonomous optical telescopes sited in collaborating institutions around the globe. The network, sponsored by the USAFA in Colorado, USA, includes nodes in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, including one at UNSW Canberra.

The optical observation of spaceborne objects, such as debris and the growing Cubesat population, is conducted at UNSW Canberra, using the Falcon Telescope Network to evaluate the object interaction with the atmosphere. 









A/Prof Andrew Lambert  +61 2 626 88351
Research Associate Steve Gehly +61 439 222 258
Research Associate Manuel Cegarra Polo +61 2 626 88178


Some research publications involving the use of the UNSW Canberra node of FTN:

  • “A New Global Array of Optical Telescopes: The Falcon Telescope Network”, Francis K. Chun et al. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Vol. 130, No. 991, 2018. https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1538-3873/aad03f/meta

  • “Attitude Detection of the Buccaneer Risk Mitigation Mission CubeSat through Experimental and Simulated Light Curves in Combination with Telemetry Data”, M. Cegarra Polo, R. Abay, S. Gehly, A. Lambert, P. Lorrain, S. Balage, M. Brown, C. Bright. AMOS Conference, Hawaii, US, 2018.https://amostech.com/2018-technical-papers/ (Also involving the use of other nodes of the FTN: FLC, PSU and NJC, sited in US).
  • “GEO Satellite Characterization Through Polarimetry Using Simultaneous Observations from Nearby Optical Sensors”, M. Cegarra Polo, A. Alenin, I. Vaughn, A. Lambert. AMOS Conference, Hawaii, US, 2016. https://amostech.com/2016-technical-papers/

  • “Towards a Network of Small Aperture Telescopes with Adaptive Optics Correction Capability”, M. Cegarra Polo, A. Lambert. AMOS Conference, Hawaii, US, 2016. https://amostech.com/2016-technical-papers/

  • “Reconstructing from Extended Imagery of Space Objects”, A. Lambert, M. Cegarra Polo. AMOS Conference, Hawaii, US, 2015.https://amostech.com/2015-technical-papers/



We would like to thank the USAFA for the donation of equipment and participation in the Falcon Telescope Network.