PhD Scholarships in Cyber War


Two PhD Scholarships in Cyber War for 2019

The Research group on Cyber War and Peace at UNSW Canberra Cyber is seeking international and Australian candidates for PhD research on cyber war. We are in a position to offer two scholarships for commencement in Term 1 2019 under the supervision of Professor Greg Austin. As new faculty appointments are made, we may be in a psoition to offer additional scholarships.  You can find all relevant information on applications, including closing dates, at this page on the UNSW Canberra website. Please note there are several rounds of consideration between now and December 2018. Some of the topics we are keen to promote include defence planning for cyber-enabled warfare, advanced cyber military operations analysis, institutonal reform for the cyber warfare mission, adversary pairs in cyber-enabled warfare, and the cyber-enabled warfare polices of China, Russia and the United States. But this list is not exhaustive. If you are interested, please contact Professor Austin at

Signature Research Topics across the Research Group (including PhD students) are:

  1. Cyber-enabled war: ontology, military maturity and ADF capability
  2. Cyber strategies of China, Russia and the United States
  3. Assessing mission critical aspects of cyber attack and defence
  4. Advanced cyber situational awareness
  5. Cyber intrusions, detection and forensics
  6. Cyber education and skilling, especially for security agencies
  7. Computer-human interaction
  8. Cyber dependency and resilience of critical infrastructure
  9. Cyber diplomacy, international threat environment and national policy responses
  10. Lethal autonomous weapon systems
  11. Strategic culture and cyber warfare
  12. Great power policies for cyber stability.