UNSW and DST collaborate on new research project

UNSW and DST collaborate on new research project

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has started a research collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) on the use of software-defined networking for multi-bearer time-sensitive distributed systems in wireless environments. The project is being supported by the Commonwealth's Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF).

The work is one of several collaborative projects that have been given the opportunity to prepare more detailed proposals and, subject to a competitive selection process at the end of this first six month phase, may be given an opportunity to continue the research for up to a further two years. 

The objective is to design a system architecture for a distributed software-defined network, which includes the potential for bridging across multiple heterogeneous bearers, and integrates time-sensitive networking-(TSN) based applications by means of a systematic framework of application programming interfaces. The aim is to show that TSN can be deployed flexibly but reliably in a heterogeneous multi-domain wireless software-defined network, and that such a network can support traffic with a high granularity of different security requirements. The research will be carried out through DST's Intelligent Decision Superiority (i-DS) research network. Principle investigator and contact person is A/Prof Frank den Hartog.