Research Themes

Australian Cyber Strategy, Law and Policy

UNSW Canberra Cyber, including its associated researchers across UNSW, provides a hub for Australia-focused research in the areas of national security strategies, the information society, law and regulation, and policy responses.

Researchers from UNSW Law, and UNSW Canberra Engineering/IT and Humanities/Social Sciences bring cross-disciplinary and comparative skills to bear on political, legal and regulatory aspects of Australian security in cyber space including:

  • ethics...
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Technologies of Cyber Security, Information Assurance and Situational Awareness

Our work in in this area looks at the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Our aim is to conduct leading edge research focused on the systems aspect of cybersecurity, privacy and trust (software, hardware and networking) to benefit end users.

With the Internet’s underlying structure protocols and governance susceptible to attacks, the vital field of 'computational...

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People, Practice and Education

This emerging focus builds on existing strengths to address the people management issues and the human dimensions of security in cyber space.

Topics include:

  • ethics
  • children's e-safety
  • education strategies for a cyber work force
  • needs analysis
  • innovation strategies
  • defence personnel issues
  • workforce evaluations
  • worker professionalism.

World Politics, Security and International Law in Cyber Space

UNSW Canberra Cyber has a strong research focus on international politics, international relations, diplomacy and international law as they affect the security in cyber space of states, corporations, individual citizens and civil society.

Our theoretical research includes examining current debates within politics and international relations surrounding ideas of security in cyber space - from both philosophical and social scientific perspectives, including:

  • critical...
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Research Group on Cyber War and Peace

Researchers at UNSW have set up Australia's first research group on cyber war and peace to leverage existing capabilities in Australia and beyond to promote advanced study of key issues. The group focuses on the security aspects of civil and military applications of cyber space - at strategic, operational and tactical levels.

The group is open to researchers based in universities, think tanks, the armed forces, relevant government agencies and professional organisations. UNSW Canberra...

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