First females enrolled at ADFA


The admission of cadets was one of the requirements the University posed on Defence when it agreed to create the University College (the forerunner of UNSW Canberra). On 17 January 1986, 351 new entry officers under training, including 52 women, arrived at the Academy site.

With those who had transferred from the single Service colleges as second and third year cadets, the student body consisted of 657 undergraduates and 90 postgraduates – already exceeding the 700 students expected. The first five years saw a substantial expansion in student numbers. The main focus was on undergraduate education which was Defence’s priority. The number of undergraduates had increased from 770 to 969 with an additional 365 postgraduates in 1992 of whom 116 were uniformed Defence, 37 civilian Defence, 32 UNSW staff and civilian 180. More civilians were also being admitted to postgraduate courses with many travelling from overseas to study at the Academy.