Inaugural Rector


Appointment of Professor Geoff Wilson as Inaugural Rector of the University College (previously Dean of Faculty of Military Studies, Duntroon).

Professor Geoff Wilson is an internationally distinguished nuclear physicist who contributed to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and low temperature physics. His research team achieved the lowest temperature ever recorded in Australia. Professor Wilson became Professor of Physics within the Faculty of Military Studies at RMC Duntroon in 1971, and then served as Dean from 1978 to his appointment as the inaugural Rector of the University College of the UNSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy from 1984 - 1991.

Professor Wilson went on to become the Vice-Chancellor of Central Queensland University, 1991-1996 and the Vice-Chancellor and President of Deakin University, 1996-2004.

Since retiring from Deakin University, he has carried out extensive consultations including the development of the new National Protocols on Higher Education Processes, and is a member of the Cooperative Research Centres Committee. He has been National President of the Australian Institute of Physics and held appointments as Chair of the Victorian and Queensland Vice-Chancellors’ Committees, Vice President and Acting President of the Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee.

Professor Wilson has had a distinguished career as a physicist with more than 100 published papers in international scientific journals. He is a member of the Australian College of Educators and a director of the Australian Institute of Management.

He has held appointments at Monash and Oxford universities and the Free University of Berlin.