The Canberra campus of the University of New South Wales is located at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). ADFA is located in an Australian bushland setting less than five kilometres from the city centre and the Canberra airport.

Canberra is a modern city just over ninety years old, chosen as Australia's national capital in 1908 as a diplomatic solution when both Melbourne and Sydney wanted the role. Its name comes form the local Aboriginal word 'Kamberra' meaning 'meeting place'.

Location map


Download detailed campus map (pdf 958kb)


Download detailed lecture theatre maps

Lecture Theatre North - Building 32

Lower Ground (pdf 131kb)                       Ground Floor (pdf 107kb)                            Level 1 (pdf 147kb)
Rooms SR03 to SR05                                 Rooms SR06 & LT10                                     Rooms SR7 & LT6 to LT12




Lecture Theatre South - Building 30

Lower Ground (pdf 127kb)                                 Ground Floor (pdf 141kb)
Rooms SR1, SR2, LT3 & LT5                               Rooms LT1 to LT4