The Influence of Technology on Air Power: Historic and Contemporary Perspectives

Wednesday, 5th April 2017

Australian Defence Force Academy, Northcott Drive, Campbell A.C.T.


Technology: the only strategic edge? AIRCDRE Anthony Forestier
Looking Beyond the Planned Air Force: Planning for Disruption WGCDR Travis Hallen, SQNDLR Michael Spencer
Technology: The Mainstay of Air Power Adjunct Professor Sanu Kainikara
‘A flying machine for military purposes’: Military aviation in the British dominions before the First World War Dr Michael Molkentin
Operational irrelevance or organisational failure? Anti-G suits in the RAAF, 1940-54 Dr Peter Hobbins MPHA
Critical commentary Dr Ross Mahoney
Coding for Combat: The new force multiplier CAPT Jacob Choi
We don’t need no education’: The RAAF and the tyranny of training Professor Tom Frame
The importance of STEM Education to the future of Air Force SQNLDR Marija Jovanovich
Critical conclusions AIRCDRE Mark Lax (Rtd)