Ali Edalatinejad

HDR Student

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Location: Building 26, Room 108.


  • Ph.D. student (Fire modeling) The University of New South Wales (UNSW), ACT, Australia, February 2022 to present
  • MSc. In Mechanical Engineering, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran, 2014-2017
  • BSc.  In Mechanical Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), Mashhad, Iran, 2008-2013

Current research projects:

The effect of fuel moisture content on the spread rate of bushfire in the presence of wind and slope

Research activities & publications:

•    A. Edalati-nejad, S. A. Fanaei, J. Khadem, ’ The unsteady investigation of methane-air premixed counterflow flame into newly proposed plus shaped channel over palladium catalyst’, Energy, 186 (2019), 115833 
•    Ali Edalati-nejad, S. A. Fanaee, M. Ghodrat, F. Sahehi, J. Khadem, ‘The time dependent investigation of methane-air counterflow diffusion flames with detailed kinetic and pollutant effects into a micro/macro open channel’ Case studies in thermal engineering, 18 (2020), 100603
•    A. Edalati-nejad, S. A. Fanaei, M. Ghodrat, J. Khadem ’Investigation of unsteady premixed micro/macro counterflow flames for lean to rich methane/air mixture’, Journal of Energy Resources Technology (ASME), 143(5), (2020), 052302
•    A. Edalati-nejad, M. Ghodrat, A. Simeoni ‘Numerical investigation of the effect of sloped terrain on wind-driven surface fire and its impact on idealized structures’, Fire, 4 (4), 94, (2021)
•    A. Edalati-nejad, S. A. Fanaee, M. Ghodrat ‘The stabilized methane–air counterflow flame into a plus-shaped chamber with platinum catalyst–coated walls: An emission estimation’ Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 236 (12), 6902-6911, (2021)
•    A. Edalati-nejad, S. A. Fanaee, M. Ghodrat ‘Numerical investigation of methane-air counterflow premixed flame into a newly designed plus-shaped chamber with platinum and rhodium catalysts coated walls’ Combustion Science and Technology, 1-16, (2022)
•    A. Edalati-nejad, M. Ghodrat, S. A. Fanaee, A. Simeoni ‘Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Fire Intensity on Wind Driven Surface Fire and Its Impact on an Idealized Building’ Fire, 5 (1), 17, (2022)
•    A. Edalati-nejad, S. A. Fanaei, M. Ghodrat, ‘CFD modeling of unsteady Counterflow flame into Rhodium catalytic chamber’ 22nd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference AFMC2020, Queensland University of Technology and The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, (2020)
•    J. Sodagar-Abardeh, A. Edalati-nejad, K. Torkamani, P. Nasery ‘CFD modeling and analysis of effect of nanoparticle shape on heat transfer of confined slot-jet impingement with nanofluid’, Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 24-49, (2021)
•    S.A. Fanaee, R. Kheiri, A. Edalati-nejad, M. Ghodrat ‘Novel design for tri-generation cycle with Parabolic Trough Collector: An exergy-economic analysis’, Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 24, 100871, (2021)
•    A. Edalati-nejad, S. A. Fanaei, J. Khadem, ‘The investigation of pollutants emission on counterflow diffusion heating system with multi-step reactions modeling using OpenFoam software’, Modares Mechanical Engineering, Proceedings of the Second International Conference On Air-Conditioning, Heating And Cooling Installations, Vol. 16, No. 13, pp. 226-229, (2016)


Kharazmi Invention Festival Award, Calculator for the Blinds with Braille Monitor, 2007, Iran


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