Alumni Host Program Canberra

A Host Program for Alumni & International Students

Each year students around the world come to study at UNSW Canberra at ADFA. The alumni host program links alumni and students, inviting them to meet at least twice throughout the year. 

Volunteer to Become an Alumni Host

You can help us welcome the students and their families to the wonderful Canberra community.

Volunteering to become an alumni host is open to all UNSW alumni living in the ACT and surrounds who are willing to share their Canberra knowledge and tips with new international UNSW students. 

Make new global connections and, potentially, new friends for you and your family. 

All International Students Are Invited

The program is open to all international students currently studying at UNSW Canberra. This includes: newly arrived students and students who have been in Canberra for awhile.

Whether you want one or more of the following:

  • some help settling into Canberra for the first time
  • to discover new aspects to the city and culture
  • to meet new people

… this program might be right for you.

Program Objectives 

  • provide newly arrived UNSW Canberra international students with an opportunity to learn about the culture of UNSW and Canberra from local alumni
  • provide UNSW international students with an opportunity to meet alumni and make local friends
  • provide UNSW alumni with an opportunity to interact with current students, sharing their interests and knowledge about Canberra. 


  • to get the most out of the program we ask that you meet face-to-face at least twice in the year. Suggested activities include: a visit to a museum or gallery; a walk or other exercise; a local event or festival; a trip to a nature reserve; or a coffee or a meal.
  • This is a rolling yearly program with two intakes. 

Fill out the form below if you’re interested in becoming an Alumni Host or a student participant.

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We will make every endeavour to match Alumni Hosts with international students using the information provided in the biographies, but there is no guarantee every Alumni Host or student will be placed. Both groups will participate in the social gatherings at their own costs and UNSW has no financial responsibility in relation to the gatherings.