Australian Cyber Strategy, Law and Policy

ACCS, including its associated researchers across UNSW, provides a hub for Australia-focused research in the areas of national security strategies, the information society, law and regulation, and policy responses.

Some 20 researchers, focused largely in the School of Law in Kensington campus and in two schools on the Canberra campus (Engineering/IT and Humanities/Social Sciences), bring cross-disciplinary and comparative skills to bear on political, legal and regulatory aspects of Australian security in cyber space including:

  • ethics
  • national strategies for cyber war and cyber peace
  • causes and prevention of cyber crime
  • policing and investigation for cyber security
  • electronic evidence and biometrics in investigations and prosecution; visual and audio surveillance products for identification
  • application of anti-terrorism laws to cyber-activities; 'hard' and 'soft' approaches to counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency
  • national law implications of data-mining analytic rules
  • transborder data challenges for data protection, privacy and information security
  • human rights, civil liberties and activism in cyberspace
  • private regulatory models (eg, ‘multi-stakeholder initiatives’) and corporate respect for human rights
  • regulation of markets for software vulnerabilities or illegal markets
  • ethical hacking
  • ontologies of cyber war and cyber military maturity
  • national strategies for the information society and innovation
  • ICT for national disaster relief

UNSW Law has a wealth of experience in researching legal issues in relation to cyber security, including the work of Professor Graham Greenleaf, Dr Alana Maurushat, Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses, David Vaile and Visiting Professor Roger Clarke. In addition, UNSW Law has demonstrated research strengths in the relationship between law and science/technology: forensic evidence (Professor Gary Edmond and Mehera San Roque); policing (Professor David Dixon, Professor Janet Chan); international laws, human rights and international security (Dr Lucas Lixinski, Dr Nicola McGarrity, Associate Professor Justine Nolan, Dr Daniel Joyce and Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen); public international law and legal theory (Professor Fleur Johns). At UNSW Canberra, lead researchers in policy, legal and social issues include Professor Jill Slay (cyber war, cyber policy, cyber skilling, cyber crime), Professor Tony Erskine (ethics), Professor Clinton Fernandes (ethics, telecommunications, terrorism aspects), Dr Gavin Mount (ethics and society), Dr Greg Austin (cyber war and peace, diplomacy, international law), Dr Jeith Joiner (defence policy), and Dr Nalin Arachchilage (child safety).