Beer and Bushfires


Kingston Hotel

73 Canberra Avenue, Canberra

5.30pm to 8.00pm

Join us at the Kingston Hotel for a drink while learning about Bushfires. Researchers from the UNSW Canberra Bushfire Dynamics Team, Associate Professor Jason Sharples, Dr Rachel Badlan and Dr Duncan Sutherland will be setting the Kingo alight and sharing their research into bushfire dynamics and systems modelling.

Arrive early so you have time to grab a drink and order some dinner before we kick off the talk at 6pm.

Register using the button below and we'll provide you with a free beer, wine, or soft drink on arrival. Limited space available so don't miss out!

Event Details:

Wednesday 23 October

5:30pm to 8:00pm

Kingston Hotel, 73 Canberra Avenue

Free to attend!

hosted by UNSW Canberra

Want to learn more about the science behind bushfires ahead of the event? Dr Jason Sharples caught up with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Linda Marigliano in August - take a listen here!