Bushfire Research Group

Our Research

Current areas of research that the Group are actively involved in include:

  • Dynamic fire propagation;
  • Extreme fire development, including firestorm occurrence;
  • Fuel accumulation modelling;
  • Severe fire weather events;
  • Fire behavior modelling;
  • Development of stochastic fire behavior models;
  • Development of computationally efficient fire propagation models that incorporate pyro convective feedback;
  • Bushfire risk at the wildland-urban interface;
  • Climate change and fire extremes.

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Image of woman seated in bush that has been burnt by fires

Understanding and predicting firestorms

A UNSW Canberra Giving Priority

Fighting Fires with Maths

Building on UNSW’s strength in science and climate change research, UNSW Canberra will establish a world-leading research hub known as the Centre for Bushfire Dynamics, Simulation and Modelling. With your support, UNSW researchers will build upon existing research to generate vital new knowledge and innovations in policy and practice that will mitigate the increasing threat of extreme fire behaviour in Australia and around the world.

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