Capability Life Cycle (CLC) Management Course

The Capability Systems Centre at UNSW Canberra, provides a short course on the CLC and capability management practices for the capability workforce, including uniformed members, public service, Defence industry and other organisation providing support across the CLC. The course not only describes the CLC but also situates it in the broader context of capability management and explains the underpinning practices.

Attendees who pass the course test may record the completion in PMKEYS: Capability Management Introduction—PMKEYS Proficiency P125256.

The CLC Management short course is delivered by Professor Mike Ryan and Dr Shari Soutberg.

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Facilities Business Case Course

This introductory course offers a step-by-step approach to putting together a strong Business Case for facility and infrastructure projects in Government organisations. The course includes information on how to analyse alternatives, timeframes, costs, risks and develop an implementation plan.The course contains a number of practical exercises to reinforce attendees understanding of business case requirements and to allow them to apply their knowledge to real-life projects. Throughout the exercises, realistic considerations and issues are introduced. The course is ideally suited to those who are new to business case development or involved in projects with facility and infrastructure components. No prior knowledge or experience is assumed.

The Facilities Business Case Course is delivered by Sam Pedram at UNSW Canberra (ADFA), Conference Room SR03, Building 32.

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Crafting and Implementing Project Execution Strategies Seminar

Dealing with complexity is a key challenge with system acquisition becoming highly interdependent with other capabilities (existing and emerging), rapid technological advancement, and greater emergence associated with end-user needs. To cater for complexity we need to ensure our project management approach caters for requirements emergence, technological uncertainty, and multiple stakeholder needs. The seminar begins with an overview of complexity, challenges associated with traditional approaches to dealing with complexity, and best practice approaches for dealing with complex projects.

Crafting and Implementing Project Execution Strategies Seminar is delivered by Dr John Davies at the ADFA Café Training Room.

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