CSC Collaborative Grant Scheme - Guidelines for funding in 2019


The Capability Systems Centre (CSC), UNSW Canberra, has allocated funding for individual projects of up to $20,000 to support full-time academic staff through the completion of collaborative research with CSC staff.

Support will be granted principally for projects defined annually by Director CSC. However, support may also be available for well-defined projects having an identifiable set of research outcomes that accord with the research directions of the CSC.

The relevant projects for 2019 are listed on the Research Office web site. Any project not on the annual list must be cleared by Director CSC prior to submission.


Applicants must be UNSW Canberra academic/research staff appointed to teaching and research, or research focused positions at level B and above; and must hold a continuing or fixed- term appointment (>0.5 FTE) at the time of application and for the duration of the grant. Fixed-term appointments must be for at least two years.

Applicants who are Research Associates must provide a letter of approval from their principal supervisor. Research Associates employed by the CSC are not eligible to apply.

Each applicant may submit only one application per round as a lead Chief Investigator.


Applications will be assessed for investigator(s) track record and project quality by the Faculty Research Grants Committee (FRGC); the relevance to CSC research directions will be assessed by the Director and Deputy Director CSC.

Projects will be assessed and ranked using the following selection:

Investigator(s) Track Record(s)


Project Quality


Relevance to CSC Research



CCR grants will be awarded for a period of one year to 31 December 2019; however funding must be fully spent by 30 November 2019.


The committee will aim to fund research projects at what it sees as an appropriate level to allow the research project to move expeditiously to a conclusion.

Funding will only be provided for fully justified budget items and will be available commencing January 2019.  Funding cannot be used for supplementing a project being funded in the same year under any other scheme (internal or external).

Allowable items:

  • Salaries for support staff or Research Assistants (excluding top-ups for postdoctoral fellows).
  • Minor equipment or small specialist items (including acquisition of data sets), provided it can be clearly demonstrated that such items are related to a specific research program.
  • Travel to facilitate CSC-related research.  Only travel directly associated with the research project, including travel costs incurred in using facilities at another institute/centre, will be considered.

Non-allowable items:

  • Scholarships will not be funded from this program.



  • Applicants should present a succinct proposal in a clear and concise manner.
  • Applications must be made on the prescribed application form and address the relevant CSC project. Applications not relevant to nominated CSC projects may be funded provided that the proposed project has been cleared with Director CSC prior to submission.
  • The application must meet the format requirements stipulated in the application form.
  • Applications must adhere strictly to page and word limits in each part of the application. The application must contain all the information necessary for assessment of the project without the need for explanation or reference to further documentation, including reference to the World Wide Web.
  • The signed original and five copies of each application must be forwarded to the Research and International Office (RIO) by no later than 5pm Friday, 5 October 2018.  Late, incomplete or non-compliant applications will not be considered.



If the proposed research plan involves the use of human participants, animal subjects, or the preparation and/or use of recombinant nucleic acids constructed in vitro from sources that do not ordinarily recombine genetic information, the submission of a clearance approval from a relevant Ethics, Safety or Biosafety Committee is required before funds will be made available.


The milestones associated with each project are nominated in the project description. All projects will begin with an initial workshop (within two weeks of commencement of agreement) to establish working arrangements, further define the problem, and to clarify any questions or issues. Each project will deliver one or two papers joint-authored with relevant CSC staff to be submitted to an appropriate conference or journal.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a final report on the prescribed form by 30 June of the year following the awarding of the grant. The report must include information on the research outcomes of the project and a financial statement as to how the funding was used.

Failure to meet any nominated project milestones will deem future applications ineligible.


All applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by the end of November each year. Successful applicants will be listed in the Campus Newsletter.