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Our experts address significant knowledge gaps in the development of capability systems. We work holistically across different disciplinary theories and methods. In doing so, we develop and deliver relevant and accessible advice to inform every stage of asset life cycles.

Our Research Priorities

The systems of our world are complex, spanning both natural and man-made environments. Valuable resources are wasted when decisions are made without fully understanding the capability of a system. We assist decision making in planning and management by considering the range of challenges, answering questions around those challenges, and developing integrated decision analysis methods. Our focus is on delivering innovative technical decision analyses to carefully plan for sustainable and integrated assets.

We apply data-driven approaches to a wide range of technology decision-making. This includes supply chain design, asset life-cycle analysis, evidence-based decision making and embedding machine learning.

We develop integrated decision analysis methods for asset planning and management. Our team applies this across areas such as: construction project management, risk analysis, workforce planning, flexible manufacturing design and smart scheduling.

Concept Demonstration Example

Supply chains play an important role for defence. They are networks which coordinate different tiers, from raw material suppliers all the way to the client (defence) to receive products at the right place and the right time. Like other supply chains, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic may create uncertainty and disruptions in defence supply chains, which can impact on the robustness of their performance. Using modern industry 4.0 technology, we can create a decision support system to give us centralised visibility, control and the ability to optimise planning over the defence supply chain and remediate many of the issues that arise.

The following video is a conceptual demonstration of the work of some of our research associates on this topic.

Decision Support System Concept Demonstration

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Our lecturers and researchers are world-leading experts in communications and information systems, systems engineering, requirements engineering and project management.

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