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The Capability Systems Centre at UNSW Canberra provides cutting edge research and robust assurance support. We work alongside your organisation, in whatever field that may be and at any stage of the capability life cycle. This could be in the initial exploratory phase, when defining needs and requirements. Or it could be in the development of an integrated logistic support plan. We also offer comprehensive education and training services.

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Education & Training

The Capability Systems Centre can tailor a professional education and postgraduate education package to meet your organisations' needs. The package may consist entirely of professional education courses (short courses) or postgraduate courses, or a mix of both. If you would like more information on training and education possibilities for your organisation, contact the centre manager at capabilitysystems@adfa.edu.au or (02) 6268 9566.

Our postgraduate coursework programs are open to qualified applicants from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

UNSW Canberra offers a variety of short courses that cater for a wide range of needs for both Defence and non-Defence attendees.

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Our lecturers and researchers are world-leading experts in communications and information systems, systems engineering, requirements engineering and project management.

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