Research Themes

Modularity Research

Modularity (the degree to which a system's components may be separated and recombined) is a therefore principal notion for all engineered systems, so much so that the need for modularity is almost taken for granted. In the context of system... read more

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics

Whereas there are many claims in the literature about the potential of using an ST/SD approach to understand and learn about complexity, this is still limited to being a largely untested hypothesis with little empirical evidence, much of which is... read more

Trade Space Exploration for Composable Systems

Composable design methods provide a systematic approach to the combination of existing system elements into a range of system alternatives that can be quickly evaluated and compared in the context of a nominated organisation cost function. Value... read more

System Robustness and Future Proofing

System robustness and future proofing are two essential aspects for any system design. However, it is common for designers to consider only one of these elements on the assumption that meeting one aspect will fulfil the requirements for the other... read more

Holistic Project and Supply Chain Management

Successful project management is defined by the ability to deliver on time, on budget, and with the quality and specifications required. In its simplest form, projects can be viewed as a series of activities. In large-scale complex systems,... read more

Complexity Measures for Systems Engineering

Complexity measures are informative indicators that can potentially aid designers and system engineers in decision making process in all system life-cycle stages: problem definition, requirements analysis, conceptual design, configuration design... read more

Capability Analytics Research

CBP facilitates organizations to systematically develop capacity to achieve their business objectives in highly uncertain, dynamic and competitive environments. However, the successful implementation of CBP framework and realization of its full... read more

Modelling Research

First, they are and must be a simplified representation of the modelled system. To be useful, models need to provide a cognitively-mediated environment to explain the systemic behaviour. If a model keeps growing in complexity, it will be... read more