Capability Analytics Research

Capability based planning (CBP) is a strategy focused planning framework that is becoming increasingly popular and being adopted by both large-scale private and public sector organizations such as Australian Department of Defence.

CBP facilitates organizations to systematically develop capacity to achieve their business objectives in highly uncertain, dynamic and competitive environments. However, the successful implementation of CBP framework and realization of its full potential is not possible without the development of sophisticated analysis techniques that can identify, model, optimize and subsequently support integration of the optimized models of all linear and non-linear processes, functions and operations within an organization. In addition to the endogenous processes and functions, such analysis techniques also need to capture the exogenous effects caused by organizational operations or conversely the effects of environmental changes on the organization.

Capability analytics stream in the centre focuses on research and development of such analysis frameworks, methods, techniques and tools. A number of research projects are available under this focus of which a few are listed below. Potential Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates who are interested in these and related topics are encouraged to contact the corresponding centre staff.