SMC Program

Registration - Foyer area


Welcome: Professor Michael Frater, Rector UNSW Canberra


Keynote: Associate Professor Shayne Gary, AFSM Fellow,UNSW Business School - Mental Models and Dynamic Decision Making


Keynote: Commodore Allison Norris Director General, Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre  (Presentation not included)

Morning tea - Foyer Area

Dr Sondoss El Sawah


Dr Enayat A. Moallemi - Exploratory Modelling:An approach for Enhancing Systems Modelling Capability for the Treatment of Future Uncertainties


FLTLT Lee Gordon-Brown - Simulation in AFTG Training

Lunch - Foyer Area

Keynote: Dr Barry Newell - ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment and ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science Decomposability: A critical issue in Systems Analysis and Adaptive-policy Makin


Dr Leon Young - Underpinning Strategic Thinking with Systems


Dr Chris Browne - Manipulating Flows to Overcome Stock-Flow Confusion


Ms Fateme Zare - Use of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics for Decision Analysis: A Case study in Water Resource Assessment

Afternoon Tea- Foyer Area

LCDR Victoria Jnitova - Bringing M&S for Military Workforce planning and Management to the Masses


Dr Darryn Reid - Modelling Complex Warfighting


Mr Ehsan Nabavi - The End of Paradox?Stop Looking in the Wrong Place for Achieving Sustainability.


Mr Richard Mouthaan - Systems Thinking and Selection for Extreme Environments


Dr Donald Lowe and Dr Andrew Flahive - Systems Thinking in Force Design


Mr Cameron Allen - Qualitative and Quantitative Systems Analysis to Support National Development Planning for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  Associate Professor Mike Ryan, Director Capability Systems Centre