Software Development

John Purnell
John Purnell

Industry Fellow – Software Engineering

John Purnell is a Senior Software Engineer with over thirty years proven experience as a professional engineer in the fields of software engineering and communications. He was had practical involvement in Architecture, design, project management and implementation of complex software systems.

Maja Spuzic

Maja Spuzic is an Analyst Programmer with 20 years’ experience specializing in system integration within both the Utilities and Education sectors. She has experience in a wide range of functions across and between enterprises with an interest in complex systems. She has practical experience in data governance, business intelligence and database design including involvement in data warehousing projects and service oriented architecture.

Gary Mann

Gary Mann is an Application Developer with over 30 years’ work experience covering the fields of operational research and software development. He has worked on modelling projects in the water, airport capacity and road transport sectors, using mathematical, statistical and simulation techniques. He has more than 12 years’ experience in software development, mainly in Java but also using other languages including JavaScript, Python and XML.

Alastair Barnett

Alastair Barnett is a Software Developer, interested in complex algorithms and designing systems for performance and reliability. Alastair has experience with many languages, primarily Java, C++ and Python, as well as high performance technologies such as FPGAs and GPUs. He has worked on projects related to high performance computing, data analysis and electronic trading.