When: 5 - 7 November 2019

Where: UNSW Canberra

PARARI 2019: Australian Explosive Ordnance Safety Symposium is an international explosive ordnance safety symposium hosted jointly by the Australian Department of Defence Directorate of Ordnance Safety, Thales and the Capability Systems Centre. The Conference welcomes delegates from around the globe to discuss a broad range of explosives, munitions and weapons safety topics.

21-23 November

'Embodying Romanticism' is the theme for the Romantic Studies Association of Australasia 2019 Conference.

Although the body has preoccupied literary scholarship for some time, there has been a renewed attention in Romantic studies to the complex ways in which literature encodes and reproduces our awareness of embodied experience.

26-29 November 2019

EMAC is the biennial meeting of the Engineering Mathematics Group (EMG), a special interest group of the Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ANZIAM) division. This meeting provides a forum for researchers interested in the development and use of mathematical methods in engineering and applied mathematics. It aims to foster interactions between mathematicians and engineers, from both academia and industry. 

13-14 February 2020

TEMPER is an interdisciplinary workshop dedicated to transferring scientific expertise, training & preparation methods, and technological know-how between the athletic sphere and the military environment.