CLC Management Review Questions

  1. List the six core recommendations of the First Principles Review (FPR).
  2. List the ten CLC Principles.
  3. Draw a diagram of the four phases of the CLC Process (Answer: diagram showing Strategy and Concepts, Risk Mitigation and Requirements Setting, Acquisition, and In‐Service and Disposal).
  4. What is the principal purpose of the Strategy and Concepts phase of the CLC Process?
  5. What is the principal purpose of the Risk Mitigation and Requirements Setting phase of the CLC Process?
  6. What is the principal purpose of the Acquisition phase of the CLC Process?
  7. What is the principal purpose of the In‐Service and Disposal phase of the CLC Process?
  8. Briefly describe the Force Design activity.
  9. Briefly describe the Smart Buyer framework.
  10. Briefly describe the role of Contestability.
  11. Briefly describe the four CLC management layers (Answer: Portfolio, Capability Stream, Program, Product/Project).
  12. Draw a simple diagram of the CLC Accountability Model.
  13. List the nine Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC).
  14. List the five Support System Constituent Capabilities (SSCC).
  15. Draw a simple hierarchical diagram of the principal CLC proposal artefacts (Answer: JCN, CPN, PIOC, JCNS, OCD, FPS).
  16. A system can be described functionally and physically. Explain what each description provides and describe the relationship between the two descriptions.
  17. Briefly outline the differences between a system and a system‐of‐systems.
  18. Briefly describe the system life cycle (as proposed by Blanchard and Fabrycky) and explain briefly the two main phases and the activities that occur within each.
  19. Explain the relationship between an RBS and a WBS.
  20. Explain why Technical Reviews and Audits are vital to Systems Engineering Management and describe the major formal reviews that may occur prior to Construction and/or Production.
  21. List and describe the three categories of Test and Evaluation (T&E) and describe the primary focus of each of them.
  22. List the ten knowledge areas of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

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