The first TEMPER workshop on Training Enhancement and Military PERformance primarily focuses on military applications, but the speakers are encouraged to link their presentations to scientific advances in sport & performance psychology and embodied cognition.
Four thematic areas will be prioritized in the panel discussions and parallel sessions:

  1. Enhanced skill acquisition methods
  2. Performance under pressure and resilience
  3. Situational awareness and decision under risk
  4. Team performance optimization and analysis (including human-agent teams)

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Analytics and quantitative methods in human performance
  • Augmented reality and holographic goggles
  • Biological and neuronal markers
  • Bio and neurofeedback-based accelerated training techniques
  • Communication in special operations
  • Extended perception through sensors and sensory-substitution/integration
  • Flow states and motivation
  • Fluid intelligence and cognitive performance assessment methods
  • Human-robot interaction and coordination
  • Infantry tactical coordination
  • Long-term concentration and focus techniques for radar personnel
  • Marksmanship: high performance and improved training
  • Martial arts and combat techniques
  • Mental flexibility and decision under uncertainty
  • Mission preparation in digitally simulated scenarios
  • Moral injury and burnout
  • Multi-task coordination
  • Nutrition and cognitive performance
  • Performance under pressure and fear management
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Proprioceptive feedback in prostheses and exoskeletons
  • Quiet eye and visual attention in air force pilots
  • Resilience
  • Selection of military personnel based on cognitive skills and aptitudes
  • Situation awareness and enhanced perception
  • Skill acquisition and automatization
  • Team cohesion, morale and self-efficacy
  • Technologies for cognitive and physical enhancement
  • Telepresence and simulated bodies in military operations
  • Underwater missions’ psychophysical preparation
  • Warfighter’s deontology, between ethics and psychological