The Department of Defence Directorate of Ordnance Safety, with the University of New South Wales Capability Systems Centre, and our Platinum Sponsor, NIOA, are pleased to present the 2019 PARARI Australian Explosive Ordnance Safety Symposium – Safe EO for the Warfighter Through Innovative Technology & Culture.

PARARI 2019 is being held from 5 - 7 November, in the Adams Auditorium facility of UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

PARARI is the premiere international explosive ordnance safety symposium held regularly in the southern hemisphere, and attracts delegates from around the globe. PARARI provides an outstanding opportunity for professional development, education, and network building for EO practitioners and experts and is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the work we are all doing in Explosive Ordnance Safety.

This year’s symposium brings together delegates from around the world to discuss the latest innovations and advances in explosives, munitions and weapons safety. International and local experts from industry, academia, military and government will share their research to collectively explore Safe Explosive Ordnance for the Warfighter Through Innovative Technology & Culture.

Defence and law enforcement personnel, contractors and academia involved in research, capability management, procurement, trials, use, sustainment, and disposal of EO at all levels are encouraged to participate in PARARI. We are also strongly encouraging those with an energetic materials science focus to participate in this year’s symposium.

This year, PARARI is engaging closely with Defence Science and Technology Group to highlight the key role of Energetic Materials Science to EO safety. To this end, we’ve incorporated elements of the Australian Energetic Materials Symposium, previously run by the Centre of Expertise in Energetic Materials (CEEM). The program will include an energetic material science specific keynote and technical presentations. PARARI is the perfect place to bring together specialist academic research, engineering, and good decision making principles, all focused on explosives safety outcomes.



The event was established in the early 1990s, as Australian Defence Industries (original ADI) and Australia Ordnance Council (AOC) were both running annual EO safety seminars/conferences. Darryl Page (ADI) and Colonel Alan Hutchinson (President AOC) agreed to combine seminars into a single symposium, PARARI.


Conference Dress

Civilian attendees: Business attire

Army: General Duty Dress (polyesters) – 2E

Navy: Summer Non Ceremonial Day Dress —S7 or S8

Air Force: Service Dress – 1A, 1B or 1C

Unless travel arrangements prevent attendance in uniform in which case business attire is appropriate.


Who should Attend

The PARARI 2019 is relevant to:

  • Australian Defence Force EO stakeholders
  • Defence Science and Technology Group
  • Defence and non-Defence industry
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Other Government Departments and Agencies
  • Academia
  • International Militaries and Industries



PARARI 2019 will be held in Adams Auditorium, UNSW Canberra.