PARARI is an international explosive ordnance safety symposium hosted jointly by the Australian Department of Defence Directorate of Ordnance Safety, Thales and Capability Systems Centre at UNSW Canberra.

The event was established in the early 1990s Australian Defence Industries (original ADI) and Australia Ordnance Council both running annual EO safety seminars/conferences. Darryl Page (ADI) and Colonel Alan Hutchinson (President AOC) agreed to combine seminars into a single, symposium PARARI.

The Capability Systems Centre in conjunction with the Directorate of Ordnance Safety and Thales will host PARARI 2017 at UNSW Canberra on 21-23 November 2017.

PARARI is the only major symposium of its type held regularly in the southern hemisphere and attracts delegates from around the globe.


(Apologies, the Survey program has been blacklisted on tyhe DRN, we are sourcing a DRN approved alternative)


Conference Dress

Civilian attendees: Business attire

Army: General Duty Dress (polyesters) – 2E

Navy: Summer Non Ceremonial Day Dress —S7 or S8

Air Force: Service Dress – 1A, 1B or 1C

Unless travel arrangements prevent attendance in uniform in which case business attire is appropriate.

Who should Attend

The PARARI 2017 is relevant to:

  • Australian Defence Force EO stakeholders
  • Defence Science and Technology Group
  • Defence and non-Defence industry
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Other Government Departments and Agencies
  • Academia
  • International Militaries and Industries



PARARI presentations will cover a broad range of explosives, munitions and weapons topics including:

  • EO Regulation
  • Energetic materials
  • EO Training and eductation
  • EO Safety
  • EO Design
  • EOTest and evaluation
  • Munitions
  • EOD


PARARI 2017 will be held in Adams Auditorium, UNSW Canberra.